Fileservice (English)

For customers that cannot come here for geographical reasons – we offer a file service. This is targeted both towards end-customers (people interested in tuning their own car) and tuning companies.

All files are well tested and final adjustment -after feedback from customer logs- is of course included to achieve optimal result. We do NOT just sell tuning files in a fire&forget basis as many of our competitors.

We also offer :

  • Immobilizer removal for rebuilt cars (IMMO OFF)
  • Removal of DPF (DPF OFF)
  • Removal of EGR (EGR OFF)
  • Removal of Adblue (ADBLUE)
  • Removal of rear lambda (LAMBDA OFF)
  • Launch control/mapswitch or other custom functions
  • Workflow for tuningfiles (end-customer) :

    1. Contact us here and tell us about your car; brand, model and engine type. It is also important that we are informed of any engine modifications so the software can be adjusted to take advantage of these.
    Customers within Sweden should provide license plate number for faster service.

    2. We get back to you with tuning suggestions. Or maybe you have own ideas of what you want?

    3. You log the car according to our instructions.

    4. You read out the software from your car using the tool of your choice, and mail it to :

    5. We make a tuning based on the readout software and return it to you.

    6. You program the car with the new software.

    7. You make a new log of the car and mail to us. NOTE! This is an important step to make sure everything is correct after tuning! If this step is skipped, all support immediately ends.

    By using this service you agree to the Terms and Conditions

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